Wilkoff & Sons LLC scrap metal

The Wilkoff Story

Humble Beginnings. Ambitious Future.

Built on Solid Founding Principles

For nearly a century, Wilkoff & Sons has been an innovator in the collection and recycling of non-ferrous metals. Founded by Sam Wilkoff in 1926, the company has consistently been an industry pioneer, built on the principle of serving the needs of all of our suppliers, customers, and employees, reliably and honestly while always remaining financially sound.

An Industry Pioneer Yesterday

Post-World War II, under the second-generation of Wilkoff leadership, Sam’s son Hy capitalized on an opportunity to concentrate their efforts on supporting the specialty alloy and stainless steel sectors. Throughout the following decades, Wilkoff & Sons built a reputation as an honest and reliable supplier to major stainless steel mills and specialty alloy producers in the industry.

Hy’s son, Jim Wilkoff, became the third-generation leader of our company in the 1980s, guiding the business through some very challenging times as Cleveland experienced significant contraction in the steel industry. Ever innovating, Jim leveraged the trust and reliability of Wilkoff & Sons, working directly with the foundries to develop our custom blended alloy offerings.

An Industry Pioneer Today

Throughout the years, Wilkoff & Sons has continued to operate and prosper under the direction of members of the Wilkoff family. Today, Jim’s son-in-law, Brian Zbanek, is now the fourth-generation president, leading a company that believes that our founding principles are as important today as they were almost 100 years ago when Sam Wilkoff opened his doors.

We pride ourselves in doing a job well and satisfying the needs of all our customers and suppliers. If this is the kind of company that you like dealing with, call us today. After all, at Wilkoff & Sons, we have Metal Mettle, and are Proving Our Value Every Day for Nearly a Century.